BHP: ‘It was a misunderstanding’

Komunitikini spoke with two Boustead Petroleum (BHP) representatives for their views on the incident that has drawn public ire and calls to boycott the firm.

According to the BHP executive, who refused to be named, the incident was clearly a case of misunderstanding between Teo and the two BHP staff at the time.

He said that the accident’s location was further from the BHP station, and not by the side of the Cheras highway as previously reported. (The location of the station can be seen in the accompanying Google Map)

“As the BHP staff could not see the accident, then a misunderstanding occurred with Teo claiming the staff refused to hand him a fire extinguisher,” he said.

He did not deny the possibility that Teo’s agitated actions in suspicious conditions might have caused BHP staff to be too afraid to hand him the extinguisher.

In such circumstances, the BHP official said that the staff’s actions were out of caution as the accident did not happen in front of their eyes and the station was far from the accident site, not to mention the lateness of the hour – 3am.

Before this, BHP staff had complained of trauma at frequently being exposed to the threat of rape, burglary and murder.

On a related note, BHP expressed its condolences to the victim’s family on the loss of their loved one.

Komunitikini was told that the victim and owner of the Perodua Myvi involved in the accident is believed to be Florina ak Joseph, 27, a student from Sarawak while the other victims injured have been sent to PPUKM for treatment.