No funds allocated for Subang pedestrian bridge

MPSJ will definitely rely on external sponsors to build pedestrian bridge at several locations seeing that there are no funds allocated for bridge-building in the council’s 2010 budget.

The 15 identified pedestrian bridges include those proposed at SS19, USJ 13, Persiaran Kewajipan, Puchong and Seri Kembangan.

MPSJ councillor Rajiv Singh, when reviewing the council 2010 budget with Komunitikini, said the council should not spend ratepayers money on pedestrian bridges because many private corporations are willing to build them for free.

“They agree to bear the cost themselves. In return we grant them an amount of years to put up advertisements on the bridge.

“We are working to (iron out) the details right now. There are still some legal requirements we have to deal with.”

Rajiv said every pedestrian bridge would cost about RM500,000 to RM1 million. MPSJ could not afford the huge RM75million, that would account for some 37 percent of its annual expenditure.

Another councillor, Theresa Ratnam Thong, said the same measure will most likely be applied to the Persiaran Kewajipan bridge as the the obligated builder – the works department (JKR) -has financial constraints.

The bridge project to connect Subang Jaya Buddhist Association to SS14 has been stalled since 2004 although JKR was supposed to have completed the bridge together with Kelana-Subang link last year.


The much-awaited bridge will connect SS13 to SS14 (where shop houses located).

Theresa said in the meeting last Friday, the Works Ministry promised to investigate the commitment promised by JKR.

“We have alerted JKR that if they cannot build the bridge, they might as well let other people to do it.

“However permission is needed from JKR because this is their road.”

Hundreds of devotees will throng the Buddhist association and the neighboring Sri Vartharaja Perumal Hindu temple during religious occasions, making the area almost inaccessible.

She said the law department of MPSJ is now advising them on the legalities of awarding pedestrian bridge to private companies.

“The state only allow the advertising rights for a period of 3+2 years. However many private companies will say 5 years is not enough for them to cover the construction cost.

“So we are now looking for ways to treat them fairly.”

She said the decision will be tabled after going through discussions with the finance department and a full board meeting.

“It can come out by the end of this year or earlier,” she said.