Love on Wheels: healthcare on the move


Love on Wheels Healthcare Services Sdn Bhd is claiming to be the first fully integrated and holistic mobile healthcare services provider, offering healthcare services to patients within the comfort of their homes.

The concept of mobile healthcare has been popular in developed regions like Europe, Japan, Australia and the United States of America.

Mobile healthcare services is a unique concept of providing healthcare to the patients within the comfort and convenience of their homes, alleviating the a nxiety and stress that a patient may experience during admission in unfamiliar surroundings. It forms an integral part of the healthcare delivery system, bridging the gap in continuous post-hospitalisation care.


Love on Wheels mobile healthcare services complement the conventional healthcare services offered at public and private hospitals, ensuring that patients continue to receive medical attention until “best health status”  is achieved.  It is an alternative to receiving healthcare services in hospitals and nursing homes.

The mobile healthcare services is offered by a team of dedicated, skillful and compassionate team of healthcare professionals who receive continuous training and education.


Love on Wheels is helmed by the managing director and CEO, K Mohan Kumar, supported by a team of experienced personalities Zainun Aishah Ahmad, chairman of the board of directors, Dr Premala Thambirajah, director and head of the advisory board, Wira Wan Yahya, a former senior federal court judge, Dr Paras Doshi, a physician in Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Dr Sharmini V. Rogers, chief of genetics and healthy childhood – Missouri department of health and senior services, USA and Dr VK. Srinivas, cardiologist at Mallya Hospital, Bangalore, India.

Speaking to reporters, Mohan shared the company’s vision of becoming the preferred mobile healthcare provider for both the domestic and international market by providing quality care in the comfort of home and facilitating patients to achieve best health status.

“Love on Wheels provides the best alternative to post-hospitalisation healthcare services, complimenting existing healthcare institutions and clinics,” he said.

The targeted market group includes newborn babies, parents, adults, senior citizens and institutions.

Love On Wheels offers 24-hour mobile healthcare services, 7 days a week all-year round.  Presently Love On Wheels is available within the Klang Valley and the rollout to major cities is expected in the next 18 to 24 months.


Currently Love on Wheels provides rehabilitation, basic and specialized nursing services including wound management and respite care. By the end of 2010, new services will be introduced including counseling and speech rehabilitation, parenting for young mothers, pediatric care, geriatric care, palliative care and training of caregivers.

Love on Wheels aspires to be accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) in Care Continuum,that addresses community care as a continuum of services between acute and non-acute community settings by 2011.