Move against crow nuisance

Majlis Perbandaran Sepang yesterday launched its first campaign against the crow nuisance in Cyberjaya by collaborated with the Crow Shooting Club and rewarding RM3 for every dead crow.

The council’s assistant director of environment health, Mohd Salihin told Komunitikini that large numbers of crows were a nuisance, especially where cleanliness was concerned.

“The birds are smart, now they know there are leftovers in a dustbin bag they will undo it and peck the leftovers,”

Onn Mohd Yusoff, the residents representative of Cyberia agreed, saying he heard several complaints from Cyberjaya University College of Medical Science (CUCMS) and Sekolah Seri Puteri where the large numbers  of crows have proved bothersome.

Onn felt this move is right in time as he has himself has had some unpleasant experience with crows.

Mohd Salihin meanwhile said the kickoff saw six shooters from Kajang Crow Shooting Club invited to help exterminate crows. The shooters paid for their own expenses but were rewarded RM3 for every dead crow.

“The campaign will be carried out on Sunday for the next six weeks, and we expect to begin the operation from early morning starting next week.”

Regarding the safety issue, banners were put up to inform the public about the operation. However, they will only cordon certain areas of the place.

The council had formerly attempted using poison but found it took longer to see results, compared to shooting the birds.

The council ended the operation around 7pm.