Pay overdue assessment, MPSJ urges public

Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya (MPSJ) revenue director Sharifah Rohaida today urged residents to clear their assessment arrears before the local council takes serious action to confiscate their valuables.

In a morning operation to collect overdue sums , local councillors Cheah Sang Soon and Sharifah led a 14-man team to  visit 20 premises in arrears, with some 60 percent of them being residential units.

At a press conference held later, Sharifah said some residents have neglected their bills for eight years.

“Supposedly we are getting RM23million from the residential premises each year, but 30 percent of them never pay, which accumulated RM7 million in arrears.”

“We aim to collect 80 percent of the debt,” she said.

Local councillor Cheah  said most of the premise owners can afford to pay but they just take the matter lightly.

“They think we won’t be taking any action,” he said.

Komunitikini bore witness to that as out of 5 premises visited by them, 2 factories made a cheque payment immediately.

Whereas another furniture outlet,  which was given notice in March 2009 and failed to pay, had its coaches seized by the enforcement team.

Sharifah and Cheah received the cheques payment from two factories; The Enforcement Team Confiscated One Furniture Shop’s Coach.

The public have their assessment bills issued in January and July annually. If they fail to settle the bills within two months from the date of issue, a RM20 penalty notice will be imposed.

Again if still no response is given, Form E will serve as the last reminder issued by MPSJ before taking action to their premise under the local government act 1976.

Sharifah said the local council will prioritise residential units onto  their main ratio as they accounted for a large part of the arrears.

She also reminded tenants to be alert because under the local government act, MPSJ is empowered to confiscate anything in the premise, include tenant’s belongings.

“Some of them pay rental to their landlords on time, but the landlords never pay the assessments. Thus the tenants should also check with their landlords from time to time,”

Since April 2009, the local council’s operation has visited 148 premises. Those owners would be charged an extra RM100 operation fee in their bill.

MPSJ imposed a 5 percentassessment rate to residential units, 2 percent to empty land and 6 percent to the factory and commercial units according to the property value.

The revenue collected will be used to carry out maintenance, development and enforcement works by MPSJ.

Public can clear their bill at any major banks, post office, MPSJ mobile counters, municipal building or other local municipals.