Sepang’s ‘hidden’ council building

Many know Sepang is enriched with recreational and tourism outlets such as F1 Circuit, Sepang Gold Coast and KLIA. But when asked where its governing body is located, even the state’s residents failed to answer.

Mohd Hasiady, Salak Tinggi resident and Cyberjaya worker, said he was having a hard time finding the local council- Majlis Perbandaran Sepang (MPS),  even though he knows it is in Cyberjaya.

“There should be a direction sign starting from the entrance junction’s in Cyberjaya. Cyberjaya is very big, I was searching for it here and there,” he said of his efforts to pay his assessment rate to the council.

He also wondered why the council, instead of including the directions on the main blue signs placed across the road, erected an isolated one at the roadside.

No direction guide of Majlis Perbandaran Sepang on the main signs.

small isolated sign erected at the roadside.

The isolated sign is much smaller and less noticeable. Through the years it has also faded in colour.

Many Cyberjaya folks are apparently unaware of the existence of MPSl in their area. Three students of Cyberjaya University College of Medical Science, when asked said they don’t think the local council is in Cyberjaya.

“This is Cyberjaya and that municipal hall is called ‘Majlis Perbandaran Sepang’. Shouldn’t it be far away?” they said.

In fact, MPS is just a short distance from their place.

MPS public communication official, Zelda binti Mohd Zamri said the misconception is caused by the municipal council’s name.

“Many people thought we are situated at Sepang, which is somewhere around the Bagan Lalang beach.  So every time I contact the media, I have to repeatedly tell them to come to Cyberjaya instead of Sepang.”

Regarding the signs, she said MPS roads signs are required to be more specific .

“There is a Cyberjaya guideline that the sign must comply to type and design as per se,” she said.

She said there is also no big city within the municipality, thus people are less informed about it.

“Some people are even surprised to know Cyberjaya is actually a part of Sepang municipality. They thought it is a federal territory,”

In fact, the 60-hectare municipality is six times larger than Petaling Jaya, stretching from Bagan Lalang beach to Bandar Bukit Puchong, IOI Marriot and some parts of UPM.

The new council hall in Cyberjaya came into being in 2008. Previously, it was located at Bandar Salak Tinggi.

Zelda said among the measures to highlight the new place includes giving out fliers and getting media coverage.

The council  just set up 24 community consultative committees in 24 respective zones which chaired by the local councillors. The committee will function as a bridging committee to channel local concerns.

Every committee must have 12 residents to become members.

The council is now working to promote its regional culture such as cempulung – a traditional dance of Orang Asli, silat and layang-layang (kites) in an upcoming culture festival.

Majlis Perbandaran Sepang is located at Persiaran Semarak Api, 63200, Cyberjaya beside the community centre and behind Multimedia University. For more information, call 03-8319 0200.