USJ 11 records highest number of dengue cases in Subang

The residents of USJ 11 have been negligent,  which is likely why the area recorded the highest dengue cases in Subang Jaya, MPSJ president Adnan Ikshan said.

He said among 67 cases reported in USJ 11, 56 of them tested positive with dengue fever  up to the end of April.

Subang Jaya as a whole also recorded six fatal cases until now, in comparison with only five throughout 2009.

“I would like to urge residents of Subang Jaya, especially those in USJ 11, to work together with MPSJ to curb the spread of dengue fever.”

He said there was no resident participation at all when the local council launched a three-day operation last weekend to clean up larvae hotspots in the area, although notice was given earlier to the resident association.

“Only 70 residents showed up at the dengue information booth setup at the operation centre.”

During the three-day operation, 2764 premises in USJ 11 were fogged and 13 aedes larvae breeding grounds were found.

He urged all residents to spend 10-minutes weekly to check and clean up their house compounds.

Meanwhile the local council will issue RM500 fine notice to the house owner who have aedes larvae in their compounds.

USJ 11 is among the five dengue hotspots in Subang Jaya. The others include USJ1, Puchong Perdana, Serdang Jaya and Pusat Bandar Puchong.