Blogging for the tigers

The Tiger BlogFest 2010 saw participation from over 120 bloggers in conjunction with Earth Day.

From 19 April to 22 April, bloggers were allowed to express their concerns on tiger conservation through any means possible. The effort was initiated by the nature blog, Planet of the Monyets founded by Dr G Balamurugan.

“The main aim is to increase awareness by reaching out to the large online community. It is estimated that the combined traffic to the participating blogs is about 100,000 visitors per day – giving the plight of the tiger the publicity it duly deserves,” said Balamurugan.

The initiative is supported by WWF-Malaysia’s Tx2 campaign as it well help enhance the public’s awareness and participation in tiger conservation efforts in Malaysia. Members of the public can also visit the site where they can sign up and help spread the Tx2 message.