20-foot sinkhole tarred

The contractor of the pipeline project along Jalan Universiti has tarred the 20-feet sinkhole on the road caused by a pipe bursting yesterday.

The pipe burst when the site workers were testing hydraulic pressure yesterday. The debris-laden water gushed at the coming vehicles, injuring two people and damaging three cars.

One construction worker, Meaior, told Komunitikini that the immediate repair works were carried out last night and completed at 6am today.

Traffic has returned to normal along the street, with hardly any sign of earth and debris strewn on the road yesterday.

He said the same incident would not likely reoccur as the burst pipeline, which caused the accident, has been sealed.

Meanwhile, Energy, Green Technology and Water Ministry corporate communication department said it is up to the contractor to decide giving out compensation to the public affected.

At press time, the department has not disclosed the contractor’s name to Komunitikini.

The pipe relocation project is expected to be complete by next month.