Beware of these guys

I would just like to bring to the attention of everyone of the notoriety of a bunch of guys who go around knocking at residents gates and harassing them to tar their roads.

Whats rather alarming is these individuals have now begun a new way of convincing people to open their gates and let them in.

Last week, my wife heard a persistent knock on our gate (we live at ss14/1 subang jaya) and when she went out to check, she saw the “tar” guys telling her they wanted to tar the road at the end of our porch. When my wife turned them away, they immediately said that “your husband has already paid us and we are here to tar the porch”.

My wife almost opened the gate but got suspicious and called my mobile and thankfully she got to me on time because i have never interacted with these guys. She shut the door and didnt go out. We are concerned because what if another unsuspecting resident open their gates to these guys and they had other intentions and motives?

Please be wary and cautious of these “tar” guys and their claims.