A Young Malaysian’s Dream

My young MP friend Liew Chin Tong from Penang has been reminding me to keep writing about hope. Hope. Hope because many in this country are again disillusioned about the recent events in this country.

Chin Tong recently launched his book “Speaking for the Reformasi Generation” and on the first page of my autographed copy, he wrote: “To Hannah and Ram, for a better Malaysia.”

How would a better Malaysia look like for a young couple like us?

I imagine it to be this :

  • free of corruption;
  • lower costs of living ie. I don’t have to pay so much for monthly car and house installments;
  • efficient public transportation, having a car will then be an option and not a necessity;
  • my children-to-be will be known as Malaysians only and not be identified by their race;
  • quality public education for them when they’re young and the opportunity to study whatever course they so desire at a local university, one that adequately prepares them to compete globally;
  • affordable health care and quality public hospitals;
  • true freedom of worship;
  • able to trust what I read in the newspapers daily;
  • have confidence in the democratic system, the judiciary, the police, the MACC and other agencies;
  • safe environment : no fear of being robbed or houses being broken into and able to walk on the streets freely without grabbing my handbag tightly.

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