EDL toll hike receives more resistance

A press conference regarding the anti-Eastern Dispersal Link (EDL) issue organized by PKR was held at the Southern Chinese Newspaper Club Johor Bahru today.

Dr Chua claimed that he was disappointed with Prime Minister Najib Razak who failed to keep promises made to announce a solution alongside a proposal to resolve problems pertaining exorbitant toll charges of the 8.1 km Eastern Dispersal Link (EDL), which was due today.

During the press conferences, he urged the ministry take this matter seriously, otherwise they will proceed with the Anti EDL camping together with DAP and 13 other NGOs. PKR is adamant not to have the people burdened by the hike in toll charges.

The anti-EDL Campaign is essentially to object, in sense, that possibility of a subsidiary company to implement unreasonably higher toll charges suspect toll which purports 700% higher charges in comparison to highways in Kuala Lumpur. He claims that a hike like this nullifies public interests.

In the press conference today, Chua said “This is considered daylight robbery because the toll charges will increase to 78 cents/km on EDL compare with 11 cents/km in Kuala Lumpur.


Hedges Sun