Large number of unregistered voters in Johor

The Johor Peoples Action Group (JPAG) in Johor Bahru recently organised a talk titled ‘Malaysia at a crossroad’  which was attended by some thirty polling agent and counting agent (PACA) volunteers.

Tan Poh Lai, a lawyer by profession who is also a founding member of JPAG was present to gave the talk.

She started by going great lengthS to explain the current state of affairs of our national electoral system and how it can affect the outcome of a general election.

She told the PACA volunteers that JPAG has to date successfully registered closed to thirty thousand eligible voters but at the same time also expressed her concern that there are still a large numbers who are still not registered as voters particularly in Johor.

Supported by well researched facts and statistical charts, Poh Lai elaborated on the subject of uneven playing field faced by opposition parties which involves the unusual delineation of electoral boundaries, gerrymandering, the super fast track approval of foreigners as Malaysian citizen and becoming registered voter.

She hopes more people will come forward to be Polling Agent and Counting Agent (PACA) volunteers to assist in monitoring the electoral and polling process during the coming 13th General Election.