Photoblog: Lok Kawi’s desolate Wildlife Park

The Lok Kawi Park in Sabah is run by the Sabah Wildlife Department under the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment. The park covers some 280 acres of land including a Botanical Park.

A recent visit by Citizen Journalist, Wendy Chia saw over 100 species of animals including birds, mammals kept in captivity under dire circumstances. Some animals were seen to be distressed, having skin diseases, looking lethargic, or have completely stopped responding to its environment.

One of the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park’s slogan “We bring you closer to nature – protect our wildlife” is an offensive juxtapose to the reality to which it bears.

Two sickly looking civets - downcast
Elephants in poorly kept condition - feces lying around on complete barren land
Two suspicious deers
One solitary rabbit - with no friends in her huge cage
One listless Peacock
Pungent smelling water
The lone Clouded Leopard - stared into space
Lone sick-looking civet
This monkey did not look depressed - they others did
This tiger did nothing but walk back and forth - spiritless
As was his comatose friend
The lone gentle pony - managed to coax him out of his stable where he was standing alone in the corner
The only sign of life - two honey bears playing together
This guy held a rope and let himself swing around over and over again
This raccoon hardly moved
Elephant in a sorry state of affairs
These guys had a bad itch