Police promise proper investigation over teenage motorcyclist

The Johor state police contingent has already opened an investigation paper on the case where a 15 year old teenager riding on a motorcycle was kicked by a policeman on March 3, at about 5.30pm in Taman Tangkak Jaya, Muar.

The police has received four police reports of which two were from the teenager’s father said Johor state police chief, Mohd Mokhtar Mohd Shariff.

I have instructed the criminal investigation team to expedite the investigation and forward the paper to the district attorney office for further action, he said.

“I promised that the investigation will be carried out fairly and with transparency and hope that the incident will not be exploited as we do not know the whole truth of the incident yet”, added Mohd Mohktar.

He said, from the police initial report, we know that the incident involved a fifteen year old boy who is riding a motor without wearing a safety helmet and without a valid motorcycle riding license.

Adding he said, the policeman who was alleged to have kicked the teenager is a police volunteer and also suffered injury and the injured teenager has seek medical treatment in a private hospital in Melaka.

Meanwhile, the Ledang police district police chief, Harun Idris has asked the public not to speculate on the incident and wait for the outcome of the police investigation.

In the last Saturday incident, a teenager was riding on a motorcycle from his home in Taman Tiara to go Taman Tangkak Jaya for his hair cut.

Along the way, the teenager saw two policemen who are on their crime prevention patrolling round in the said area.

The teenager then tried to avoid being caught and rode off pursued by the two policemen.

The policemen caught up alongside with the teenager and alleged to have kicked at the teenager’s motorcycle and the teenager fell off from his motorcycle and hit his head against a flower pot and the cement curb.

The teenager was reported to have suffered other bodily injuries beside his head.

Addie Toh, the Ledang MCA youth chief, said, the teenage condition is stable and being treated at a private hospital in Melaka.

According to the medical report, the boy may have suffered kidney injury as the doctor found blood in his urine, he added.

The boy now is conscious and able to talk but is still weak, said Addie.

The teenager’s parents are contemplating to take legal action against the police .

Addie said, he hope the Johor state police contingent office will investigate the case with total transparency.