Johoreans reject exorbitant EDL toll charges

“TOLAK EDL” movement was launched on 17 February 2012 with a press conference in the presence of NGOs from Johor Bahru namely Liew Voon Chew(Parti Keadilan Rakyat,Cabang Pulai), Dr Lee Boon Peng(Lions Club), Christopher Ling(Johor People’s Action group),Prof Madya Dr HJ Ali Bin Abd Rahman(IKRAM,Negeri Johor), Wong(Hawker’s Centre Association,Johor Jaya), Nadarajan(Pengerusi Dewan Himpunan Penyokong Pas,Johor) and Gunasegaran Naiker(Ahli Saya Anak Malaysia).

The objective of the press conference was to gather signatures to protest against the proposed exhorbitant EDL toll charges which will be collected from users/non-users of the highway.

Users going to Singapore will have to pay additional RM 12.40 including the existing RM2.90.

Besides affecting the locals, businesses such as tourism, transport,retail outlets just to name a few, will be greatly affected.

During the press conference, the organising Chairperson reiterated that the movement will only be dissolved if when two demands of the people are met.

The first demand was to remove the charge from non-users and at the same time, to come up with a reasonable charge for users of the EDL.

A 3rd demand was added to ensure that while solving the 1st 2 demands, the government must not create a new problem such that the people will still have to bear the cost at the end because of breach of contract for example the Senai toll which cost the people over RM 331.7 million to compensate the toll operator for its removal should the toll booth from the CIQ is removed.

Besides the signature protest, a Tolak EDL facebook has been set up to disseminate information on the developments.

Video by: Mary Ngooi
, Citizen Journalist