Palm Spring owners cry foul

Owners of Palm Spring at Kota Damansara,  are crying foul over the refusal of the property developer, Maufakat Kekal (MK) to recognise their duly elected management corporation recently.

Anwar Manowar, 52, one of the unit owner  was elected the Chairman with  7 others as committee members.

He explains:

“We managed to chair a proper meeting on the 11th Oct 2011 to established a management corporation whereby I was elected as Chairman of the 8 member corporation.

120 people turned up and they are strata title owners. They were legally registered as owners by developers representative who were vetting through the titles.

“Now that Maufakat Kekal are in not in control of the management corporation and none of their management and staff are in the committee, they have decided to organise another meeting on 15th Oct which is far away from here – in Selayang”

Owners are now not happy with the decision of Maufakat and have called a press conference this morning  to protest.  Why would the developers want to form another committee, they ask.

“The idea of Muafakat is that they want to take control so that all the legal suits we have against them  on the getting back the sinking funds, giving us the audited accounts, paying the maintenance fees, returning the kindergarten and visitors car park will be nullified. The moment they take gain control, all the legal suits we have against them will be null and void.

We  are getting support from the ADUN Elizabeth Wong and Dr Rasnarathi. They are helping us to meet up with the Jabatan Tanah and  Dato Roslan, the Datuk Bandar of Petaling Jaya.

What we need from Muafakat is that they recognised us. The meeting has been properly convened, it was a civilized meet which we can prove by video or cctv. There was no display of arrogance or fighting as the lawyer for the developer was saying in the letter.”

There are a total of 2150 units in Palm Spring Damansara with a total number of resident count at 10,000.

Video by KSTan, Citizen Journalist