Sivasakthi Kuan Yin Temple another temple to be demolished in Bagan Dalam

The Sivasakthi Kuan Yin Hindu temple located in Bagan Dalam, Butterworth has received notice of eviction from developer Chiap Thian holdings Sdn Bhd recently.

This temple was established in the ’70s where the original owner was a Chinese man and later he handed over the administration to Indian man.

According to lawyer Mr.Dasaratharaj, RM18,000 was offered to the temple committee by the developer, but the offer was rejected. Instead, the temple committee to make a claim to the developer to be given alternative land and rebuild the temple.

According to Hindraf adviser Mr.N Ganesan, this issue must be seen through the perspective of human rights, particularly minority rights in this country.

He requested that the state government of penang must see this issue seriously and find a reasonable solution. “The lifestyle of the community should not be compromised for profit” he commented.

Video by S.Kumar, Citizen Journalist