Unresolved issues in Taman Bayu Tebrau peeve owners

To have an own home is everyone’s dream but the same cannot be said about the hundreds of Taman Bayu Tebrau apartment owners.

Ten years after signing the Sales and Purchase Agreement, the construction of the apartment is still far from being satisfactorily completed.

To make matters worse, the owners have been servicing the long term housing loan for an apartment, which they can’t move into.

The Taman Bayu Tebrau project consists of 4 blocks of 5 to 10-storey apartment building with each priced at RM 100,000 and above, depending on size of the unit. In total there are 460 apartment units, which were supposed to be completed and handed over to the respective owners, 10 years ago.

Video by Suki & Mik Chong Citizen Journalist