Cyclists unite for a bicycle lane in Penang

Nearly 2,500 cyclists braved the heavy rain yesterday for a good cause. They want a bicycle lane exclusively for cyclists in Penang.

The event, Campaign For a Lane (CFAL)  2011 has registered 3,066 participants from all over the country.

Cyclist Derrick Teh said that “the public needs to share the road with cyclist like us.”  Cycling is a good form of exercise, socializing, networking and eventually helps the environment said the enthusiast.

“We appreciate the state government’s effort to encourage the use of bicycle lanes but they should try to provide special lane for cyclist.

“The government should also try to reduce the taxes on bicycles as the bicycles used are of high quality. It cost a lot therefore discouraging masses from buying and using this mode of transport,” said Teh.

Another cycling enthusiast, Sam Tan said that the support received for the event is overwhelming  as more than 2500 cyclist showed up.


Video by Jimmy Leow