Prelude to the Bersih 2.0 rally …

In view of the so called ‘Yellow Fever” epidemic gripping the country, two citizen journalists (CJs) from the Johor Bahru Chapter decided to conduct a spot-check exercise in Johor last night at 11pm to see how geared up were the Johor police.

The whole exercise was posted live on streaming video and the mission was accomplished in three hours, traveling from Johor Bahru to Yong Peng which is some ninety five kilometers apart.

As expected, police roadblocks were seen mounted in federal roads and highways leading to exit toll plazas except the Kempas toll plaza.

There were road block found in Pasir Gudang highway near Plentong area, another at the Skudai-Senai highway near the TNB transmission station, one in Simpang Renggam federal road whereas one just after the Skudai toll plaza.

The highest concentration of police personnel numbering some twenty were found in Sedenak exit toll plaza whereas the rest were manned by four to five police personnel scrutinizing each vehicle that passes by the road block.

Surprisingly, no road block was found at the Yong Peng (south) exit toll plaza.

Generally, the scenario at all the road blocks were the same, where an unusually low volume of traffic was found trickling passed the road blocks without hassles and it was already way passed midnight.

Traffic volume on the north south highway was also found to be same with extremely low vehicle count.