Blood donation and health awareness

On April 3rd 2011, a blood donation and health awareness campaign was jointly organized by the Red Crescent Johor Bahru and Carrefour at Carrefour, Johor Bahru.

Tahir Bin Ahmad (PIS, PPN), the director of Red Crescent Society for 30 years said that he was confident that the response from the public will be good and able to collect 120 pints of blood at the end of the event.

Nurul binti Syed Abdullah, 52 years old, a store decorator with Carrefour added that she took more than  2 weeks to help  organize this event.Hassan, 34 years old, is a blood donor. 

Video by Teoh Thian San, Lucy Teoh Gaik Choo and Tan Siew Khim, Citizen Journalist Malaysia