Flashback of Johor with a sumptuous meal

Fine authentic Indian food and a lesson on old Johor..this is what you expect when you decided to treat yourself a good Indian lunch at Bagawan Delights Fine Cuisine situated at Taman Molek, Johor Bahru.

Even though born as a Perakian, Mr. P.S Sam (50), who owns the business, share so much of passion for Johor and her history. “My father came to Johor when I was seven. When I was 15, I found my passion for old photographs and decide to collect them from all sources”, said Sam.

“During those days, photographs are easily obtained for reasonable price. I spent most of my pocket money for my collection. Now they worth a fortune” said Sam when asked on how he managed to collect photographs of old Johor Bahru.

Looking at these collections surely will make us wonder how modernization has taken its course around us.
Bagawan Delights Fine Cuisine also well known here for their authentic Indian cooking like Salted Fish Curry (Karuvattu Kari) and other dishes as well.

News and video by Saminathan Munisamy and Vijay Rahman, Citizen Journalist