Flood devastated school needs aid

SJK(T) Ladang Nordanal, Panchor Muar needs aid to restore the school effected by recent flood in Johor.

Flood that hit Johor from 31 Jan to 10th Feb 2011 recently had destroy almost everything in the school. This school is located in Ladang Nordial Oil Palm Estate in a small town known as Panchor located in Ledang district, Johor.

Currently there are 48 students studying in this school.

According to the school management important documents are saved by teachers but due to lack of manpower and transportation, other equipment such as Photostat machine and computers cannot be saved. According to the PIBG head, Mr Batmanathan there were little help from people around as many were busy trying to save their own properties.

Mr.Batmanathan, YDP of PIBG  is looking forward for help from Ngos and wealthy individual to support this school so that the students can start back their activities as soon as possible.

Recent visits by Johor Cj to the school found that the school management already cleaned up the classroom and compounds but at the moment there is no electricity in school yet and the students are studying on the floor without any facilities.

According to the YDP Pibg, they will be getting tables and chairs soon but there are many other things are that is damaged and needs to be replaced.

At the moment the school really needs educational items for laboratory, portable white boards, computers, chair and tables for teachers and office and many other types of stationery.
Anybody who can help (financially or others), please contact the  Mr Batmanathan, Pibg Ydp at 012-2529583.

Video by Steven Chen, Citizen Journalist Malaysia