Say No! to Interlok – Hindraf

A convoy began at 9.20 in the morning going around the town of Buntong to publicise opposition to the book ‘Interlok’ which Malaysian Indians have objected to as required reading for the literature syllabus at the 5th form.

Police kept close watch on the convoy and an hour  or so later, the convoy was stopped by police at the Jelapang road after the police station. The convoy was then heading for the North-South highway.

About 100 police personnel including the Light Strike Force unit (LFU) were present at the scene. Six Hindraf activists were detained with excessive force according to a witness  and the police station was locked down. All requests to enter were denied by the police.

The detainees were however released on a police bail at 3 pm.

Video by (GV Shan), Citizen Journalist