Piyamit: The last bastion of the MCP

In the 1970’s a group of communist guerrillas from the Malayan Communist Party settled down in the Piyamit Hills in Southern Thailand near the town of Betong.

Here in the hills, they dug a one kilometre tunnel to hide from air raids and as a shelter and store. After the surrender of the Malayan Communists Party (The Haadyai Peace Accord) in 1989, the Malayan communists settled down here through the kind courtesy of the Thai government.

The Piyamit Tunnels remain a part of our history even though it is located in Southern Thailand.

A signboard at the entrance to the tunnel reads:
“The Piyamit Tunnel is the Malaya Communists base build for bombshells and storing food supplies. The battlefield bases are located on the mountain top in the midst of the deep forests which separates the boundaries of Thailand and Malaysia covered the area of Yala Provinces.
The Piyamit Tunnel was built in 1977 with the length of 1 km and 5-6 feet wide. It took three months for excavation of 50 hard manships and there are 9 entrance exit paths.”

Video by KSTan, Citizen Journalist