Sarawak Club: CSR programme

The Sarawak Club kickstart the club’s initiative to start a “Community Chest” to benefit causes and charities as part of its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Programme by organising its 1st evening talk for its members at the Club premise. The event was organised jointly by Mr Edgar Ong and Ms Lina Soo.

The talk entitled “Facebook & Twitter: Trends and Thread” was delivered by Mr Sean Ang, Executive Director of Souteast Asian Centrefor e-Media (SEACEM).

SEACEM is committed to the promotion of freedom of expression, democracy and human rights through the use of ICT.

Part of the proceeds of from the food and beverage consumed during the talk will be contributed towards the Sarawak Club Community Chest kitty.

The Sarawak Club is situated atop one of the highest points in the heart of Kuching City along Jalan Taman Budaya (formerly known as Golf Links Road). It is situated right next to the Reservoir Park and the Museum Garden — public facilities that form part of the green lung of the city. This site has been the home of the Sarawak Club since 1927.

The Sarawak Club was established in 1876 and is reputedly one of the oldest private membership clubs in the whole of Malaysia. It was set up to cater for the entertainment and recreational needs of the officers of the white Rajahs that ruled the state from 1841 to 1941.

Video by KSTan, Citizen Journalist