Kaiduan dam will drown the native’s way of life

Amidst reports of indigenous people being displaced from their ancestral land for the controversial Bakun Dam project in Sarawak, a similar story is brewing in Sabah as Ulu Papar natives are facing possible relocation due to the proposed Kaiduan dam project.

Citizen Journalist, Raymond Sipanis who hails from Kampung Buayan investigates on how much the construction of the dam will affect their way of life and the pristine jungle, which their ancestor has protected all this years.

In February 2008, the government of Sabah has granted approval carry out a feasibility study and submit technical proposals for the implementation of the Kaiduan Dam Project, situated at Ulu Papar in Sabah, amidst the Crocker Range.

Located near the northwestern coastal lines of Sabah, Ulu Papar consists of nine villages and is home to some 1,000 Dusun people.

But the lives of the Dusun, which depend on the natural cycles of their land, might be changed forever with the impending construction of the RM2.8 billion dam.


Video by  Raymond Sipanis, Citizen Journalist