Family denied to see Kalaiselvam’s body

23rd Dec 2010 – Sultan Ismail Hospital refused
to allow family of deceased, S.Kalaiselvam to
see the body today. Due to that, counsel for the family, Gurmit Singh had obtain a court order for the family to identify the body before the 2nd post mortem conducted on 25th Dec 2010 and allowed lawyer of the family to witness the post mortem.

Kalaiselvam was arrested by police at his home on 1st Sept and was remanded for 21 days at the Kota Tinggi district police station. Then the detention was extended for another 60 days under emergency ordinance. Later he admitted to SIH and on Nov 22 Kalasiselvam pronounced dead. The 1st port mortem report indicated that he died from a lung infection.

Video by Rajan, Citizen Journalist