Kaartigai Thibam Festival in Kampar

Kaartigai Thibam, the festival of lamps, is one of the oldest of Tamil festivals,  ushering in prosperity and spiritual joy.

Kaartigai Thibam is celebrated in the month of ‘Kaartigai’ (October-November), when the full moon is aligned with the constellation of Kaartigai.

In Kampar, devotees of the 1965 year old temple celebrate Kaartigai Thibam with the blessings of Lord Hanuman. The High Priest, Mr Govindasamy, 58 invoked the deity in a trance. The festival ended with the burning of  the shokka pannai and lighting of 1000 lights around the temple compound. Devotees also throw rock salt into the fire in order to remove and get rid of the bad karma from their body

Video by R.Rajeswari & KS Tan, Citizen Journalist Malaysia