Tampin/Pulau Sebang Railway Station

November 6, 2010 — Tampin/Pulau Sebang Railway Station is situated about 1 km from Tampin town, Negeri Sembilan and serves as the meeting point of west Malaysia’s eastern and western railway lines. The station had undergone numerous changes since British time and today the station is on another massive transformation, where a complete new structure with double track is being built. While I was back to my home town last Friday (5th Nov 2010), I got an opportunity to shoot video of the new upcoming building.

Brief background of the project:
On January 7, 2008 an Indian company, IRCON won the USD1 billion (MYR 3.45 billion) contracts to build a double railway track from Seremban to Gemas. The date of completion for the new Tampin/Pulau Sebang Railway station is not stated on the construction sign board. However the whole project (Seremban to Gemas) is scheduled to be completed in 2012.

Video by Vijaya Kumar Rahman, Citizen Journalist