‘Ah Long’ nuisance at Taman Molek

Ah Long sticker can be found all over Taman Molek and it’s a common problem all over the Johor state. You can find it everywhere, lamp post, TNB substation, road signage and many more places you least imagine.

Even though it’s illegal to give out loans — the Ah Long’s has been menacing the town with their advertisement which is done in a bad taste. Their stickers which are hard to remove leave unpleasant stains upon removal. It has become a great nuisance for the public.

Despite of a death treat received by residents of Taman Molek from some ‘Ah Longs’, Johor Bahru citizen journalists (Cj) bravely got on to the field to cover the story with an exclusive interview of Hj Idris Md. Yusof 54, president of KRT Taman Molek on this issue.

Video by Vijaya Kumar Rahman, Citizen Journalist