HRP: JPN denies statelessness issues

Sept 05, 2010, Prai, Penang On Aug 13

Human Rights Party leaders met with National Registration Department officers in Putrajaya regarding the problem of stateless Indians, but came home feeling disappointed as the NRD officers gave the impression that the problem is not as serious as HRP is making it out to be.

 “But we have proven our point, in just a month, without even a campaign, only word by mouth, we have managed to gather some 40 stateless people in this office,” the party’s national adviser N. Ganesan said. “We want the NRD to take ownership of this problem and try to resolve this issue; it cannot deny that this is a big problem,” Ganesan (right) added.

Ganesan, a lawyer by profession, reiterated that what has been constitutionally guaranteed has been systematically and procedurally denied to the poor and vulnerable. “This has contributed further to their marginalisation and continuing dispossession from mainstream Malaysia,” he added.

Video by Jimmy Leow, Citizen Journalist