RMP ala gangster

Police blocked Hindraf led delegation to hand over a petition on the freedom of religion to the Perak Sultan at the Kinta Palace dated 29/08/2010 11.00am.

“One Police Sergeant Major Jamal took the petition and threw it to the ground, showing utter disrespect for the wishes of the rakyat and for a petition to the Sultan himself.

When Uthayakumar went to look at the policeman’s name tag , the policeman raised his fist to punch Uthayakumar.

This is an unleashing of police terror on a vulnerable rakyat. And this is the bloody impunity of the police in Malaysia. They can do whatever they please because there is no accountability for them,” says Uthayakumar.

The Sergeant Major Jamal raised his fist to punch Uthayakumar once only. The repeated action for illustration purpose only.

Video by {GV Shan}, Citizen Journalist