Endless misery of Bkt Jalil Estate residents

Bukit Jalil estate residents has been involved in wrangle with Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur over the legitimacy of their claim as the rightful residents for the past few years.

RM 6000 and a low cost flat were given as compensation for them to move out of the land which they occupy now.

According to the residents the compensations given is not fair because they are not squatters and they are prepared to move if the compensation is fair.

Recently, the Human Resource Minister, S. Subramaniam paid a visit to the estate in an effort to solve their woes, but nothing is forth coming since then.

The residents after a check with the land office in Putrajaya claimed that the land which is known as Lot No.45584 has been classified as  ‘not known’ and not being listed as “STATE LAND”.

The residents also received a notification from the Selangor Chief Minister’s office that the demolition has been put off until further notice. Selangor Chief Minister, Khalid Ibrahim is also the Member of Parliament for Bandar Tun Razak.


Video by Citizen Journalist, Arvind Raj

Video by Citizen Journalist, Arvind Raj