CitizenNades on local councils

R. Nadeswaran, or more popularly known as CitizenNades, of theSun daily, had obliged by giving a brief at one of Malaysiakini/CEACeM’s trainings on Citizen Journalism in Kuala Lumpur recently.

Amongst others, CitizenNades talked about our Local Councils. He strongly suggested that nobody should be given ‘discretions rights’ in running the administrative operations of the local councils. One of the resultants in allowing a personnel in a local council to observe and apply his or her ‘discretions rights’ is corruptive practices.

Wow! He also highlighted that there is currently a need to obtain 51, yes that’s right, fifty-one licenses when opening a hotel. Isn’t this sheer unnecessary bureaucracy at work?

Please view the video clip to have some understanding of the topic.

When asked, CitizenNades said, “Yes, I will stand as an Independent only in a local government election”.

Citizen Journalist R. Vijay Kumar is also amongst the many Malaysians whom advocate the calling and resume of local council elections (sometimes also called local government or city/town/municipal council) to help curb some of the many on-going corruption practices in our Malaysian society.


Video by R. Vijay Kumar, Citizen Journalist.