Kg. Buah Pala: What happen to the 9?

Note: This video which was supposed to be published on February 12, 2010. However, the video was unintentionally unpublished. Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused to our audience.

On Feb 12, 2010, fifteen TOL holders of the former Kampung Buah Pala finally signed their resettlement agreement. There are 24 units of double-storey houses to be build on the piece of land. Nine of the units belong to Malay families who have moved out of the kampung a couple of years ago.

That means, there are still nine Indian TOL holders who will not get their compensation of a double-storey house.

After the signing of the resettlement agreement witnessed by CM Lim Guan Eng, he left the meeting room and the event was about to be concluded. 

However members of the press were caught by surprise when there was a sudden outburst from Prof. Ramasamy. 

As the initial conversation was in Tamil, CJ Lilian was unclear what transpired. Prof. Ramasamy said the state has nothing to do with the balance nine families.

One journalist asked Prof. Ramasamy what will happen to them and both RSN Rayer and Prof. Ramasamy again reiterated that the state has nothing to do with them.

It is regrettable to note the sudden outburst because the signing of the resettlement agreement had ended on a happy note.

It wasn’t pleasant when Prof. Ramasamy reminded some of the 15 people in the room that they once had fought against the state government.

Anyway, when asked about their feelings, a few of the residents told CJ Lilian that they are very satisfied with CM Lim for the state has delivered their promise that the Kampung Buah Pala will remain on the site.

Video by Chan Lilian, Citizen Journalism