Durian feast in Menjalara

Taman Menjalara is a fast growing gourmet centre in Kuala Lumpur. Sandwiched between Taman Bukit Maluri (the first housing estate in the vicinity of Kepong) and Desa Park City (a high-end residential area), the shop houses are turned into gourmet restaurants sprouting along all the roads.
Taman Menjalara has plenty to offer to food lovers who enjoy seafood prepared in many delectable ways.

Western food, Indian cuisines, Thai food and “tim sum” are all hurrying to the finishing line of the gourmet race to attract customers.

The hive of activities is noticeable in the early evening of normal days and the peak is at weekends and public holidays.

Ah Seng the durian seller was excited when he saw me with a notion that I was from the TV station. No, I am a kommunitikini correspondent and a Citizen Journalist for malaysiakini. To Ah Seng I was speaking German since I could not explain in Hokkien dialect or Mandarin either.

We compromised. When the next customer came by, I did the recording and he to his sales antics.

Video by Sunny Lim, Citizen Journalist