Christian faith and politics

Do religion and politics go together? Do we have to separate them? Some say one is godly and should not go with the earthly politics. However, some insist that in order to get things done and the people cared for, one has to rely on some faith for good governance.

In other words, people who are religious, have to be concerned about politics. Politics affect the society and community, meaning, the people around us.

Citizen journalist Chan Lilian met Dr. KJ John who is a regular contributor to Malaysiakini.

She talked to him about religion and politics. A few weeks later, at another function, it is church meets government. All the leaders from the churches in Penang met the Chief Minister and his officials in a lunch forum.

Conclusion is, the churches do need to rely a bit on government for help. At the same time, the politicians do need the church goers’ support as it is made of up potential voters.

Video by Chan Lilian, Citizen Journalist