Paya Nahu flats in dire straits

Residents of the Paya Nahu 1 flats in Sungai Petani live in a very unhealthy surroundings, judging the cleanliness of the compound.

Just last October, serious clean up efforts were done to improve the cleanliness of the area.

The efforts were spear headed by Bukit Selambau ADUN,  S Manikumar, together with the help of e-Idaman, Majlis Perbandaran Sungai Petani (MPSP), and the Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat.

A little over six months since the effort, the sight the CJMY encountered was far from welcoming. The stench of the air suffocates the flat dwellers and the visitors.

Residents kept their corridors very clean but the same cannot be said of the shared area.
Broken ceiling but this was the least of the resident's worry
Electrical box soaking wet, disaster just waiting to happen.
Staircase with stains caused by the leaking pipes, not to mention that there is absolutely no railing!
Toilet water splashing all over the place!
Clogged up drains causing water to be stagnant


Absolutely unacceptable! Pipes from the unit's toilets broken and leaking. With every flush of a toilet in the block splashing its contents on the corridor!
Its amazing with this much of filth people are not lining up to be hospitalised!

Dave Jean Kameron

A final year medical student & a ICFJ Fellow , that’s affectionately known amongst his friends as the walking encyclopedia – Mr. Wiki! Growing up in the ‘ghetto’ of KL vis a vis Sentul, gave him the first hand feel of the realities of being a Malaysian at grass roots. Perhaps, this was what brought about that desire for change, equality and justice? 10 years in advertising provided the perfect playground for his equally amazing left brain.Today, a stringer for MalaysiaKini, happy father of 2, a good husband and oak like faith in God is indeed living the dream of slums to success, and hence sees hope and possibility for everyone... a blip by Sherril Netto