Ambiga: Bersih 3 will happen at Dataran Merdeka

Bersih 3.0 co-chairperson, Ambiga Sreenevasan vowed Bersih rally will take place in Dataran Merdeka on April 28. She said this in a forum organised by volunteers from Tindak Malaysia at the Civic Centre in Petaling Jaya yesterday.

The forum was organised to allow the Election Commission chairperson, Abdul Aziz to publicly defend his statement that the Malaysian electoral roll is “cleanest in the world’.

However, he or his representatives have not responded to the invitation to defend his statement at the forum.

PY Wong from Tindak Malaysia said that the electoral roll is fraught with discrepancies and had invited Dr Wong Chin Huat and Dr Ong Kian Ming to present their research and analysis on the present state of the electoral roll.

Dr. Ong and Dr Wong went on to show how redelineation, malapportionment and gerrymeandering occur and give specific examples of such occurrences in Malaysia over the past 50 years.

In spite of it being a working day, some 300 Petaling Jaya residents turned up at the forum.

Members from Unit Amal PAS were present to assist in traffic control and to provide security for the audience.