Plot, conspiracy or hasty arrest?

Dead of 18 months toddler has sparked another law and order crisis here in Malaysia.

Police detained and charged Rajamorgan, lorry attendant on ground that he was seen carrying the baby minutes before his dead, while his wife claim the baby fainted at third party caretaker and pronounce dead while he was taken to clinic by them.

The accused wife also made a statutory declaration and police report saying that the toddlers mother has informed her that late Hareswaran was beaten by his father and he has ongoing heart related ailments. Some 20 police reports also been made by residents vouching good character of the accused and frequent domestic violence by Hareswaran’s father.

Meanwhile, Petaling Jaya magistrate ordered Prison Director to explain why accused was beaten up while under their custody. Lawyers argued that police has charged Rajamorgan without complete investigations probably they wanted to accomodate political pressure. The toddlers father is branch chairman of MIC.

Video by S Arikrishnan, Citizen Journalist