CJMY Exclusive: Jeffrey Kitingan


Illegal immigrants being misused by the Government for their political purpose, uncontrolled immigration, issuance of MyKad so that the immigrants will vote for the Government is a major problem said Sabah State Reform Party (Star) chief, Jeffrey Kitingan.

He also talked about the “recolonization” of Sabah by Umno. “ It has lost its autonomy and revenue collected by Kuala Lumpur instead of Sabah,” said Kitingan

Land belonging to natives and guaranteed by the Constitution is being taken away by companies is another major problem in Sabah.

He also elaborate on the 7 points Borneo Agenda of which the 20 points Malaysia Agreement being part of it.

If given the mandate by the people to rule Sabah, Dr Jeffrey is ready and had came out with the manifesto and will need all the opposition party to work together and resolved all outstanding problems in Sabah.

“We want to make the country better,we want to generate economic activities so that the people will have better income. We need to generate employment opportunities. We have a lot of economic potentials.” he said.