Photo blog: Standoff in front of the Bar Council

At 2pm (428) it was a standoff between Bersih 3 and the Riot Squad in front of the Bar Council at Leboh Pasar Besar (just behind Pasar Seni)

By 2 pm the Bersih 3 supporters in front of the Bar Council had filled up the whole road

The Occupy Dataran group which had occupied the Dataran Merdeka for 15 days were camped right in front of the Bar Council

A collage of the banners and posters put up by the Occupy Dataran group

Expecting the worst, Irene Fernandez is all prepared by 2pm

It was also clear to Bersih 3 supporters that they are not going to make it to Dataran Merdeka, they sang the National Anthem, Negara Ku and decided to “duduk bantah” right there in front of the police barricade

Later, at about 3.30 pm, the police started fireing tear gas and chemical laced water straight into the crowd disperse them