Masjid Negara: Bersih troops marched on

Some 5,000 Bersih supporters had gathered in the lawns of National Mosque braving the midday heat.

The crowd which was facilitated by the famed Unit Amal of PAS, moved towards Dataran Merdeka by heading towards Jalan Kinabalu and walking down the ramp of Jalan Tugu and arriving at the Central Market, where there were greeted by thousands whom already waiting there.

Among the familiar faces spotted in that procession was the former Information minister, Sheikh Kadir Sheikh Fadzir.

PAS Unit Amal guards the crowd
Crowd building up around 12.00 noon
Notable face, former Information minister, Sheikh Kadir Sheikh Fadzir
Fighting for the same cause but with a different banner
Photo ops for the red brigade
PAS Unit Amal forms the first offense line with a human chain
Police truck driver waves in the midst of the jeering
Walking stick is not hurdle of walking in support of this cause
Police personnels and curious onlookers under the Jalan Kinabalu bridge
Thousands marching towards Dataran Merdeka
And thousands more...