Photoblog: May Day in Subang

Some 300 trade unionist gathered in front of Malaysian Trade Union Congress (MTUC) on May 1, to celebrate Labour Day. The event, which was organised by the Selangor division of the Malaysian Trade Union Congress.

Union leaders seen at the event including the MTUC president, Mohd Khalid Atan, former MTUC president Syed Shahir, and many others.

May Day rally cry by the unionist
Proton workers union lending a support
The union big guns
Unity for betterment of the workers
Unionist pledging their support
Khalid Atan with his fiery speech
Former MTUC president Syed Shahir
International Metalworkers Federation representative, P Arunasalam
Khalid answering pertinent questions from reporters
"Perkasa" with a different twist