Photoblog: OMD predicts the dynamics of media and marketers

The organiser - Omnicom Media Group Malaysia

OMD Malaysia recently organised an event called OMD Predicts, which is a series of industry events that looks beyond today and anticipates to be better prepared in understanding media-usage in relation to consumer behavior and trends.

“OMD Predicts is our vision for the future, a future that we are excited to bring to life in Malaysia. Brand engagement rules are being continuously rewritten in the face of rapidly changing consumer behavior. As one of the most wired nations of South East Asia, Malaysia is at the forefront of a plethora of opportunities that has implications for the rest of Asia,” said Andreas Vogiatzakis, Managing Director, Omnicom Media Group, Malaysia.

The participant register counter

The conference featured speakers from OMD and Omnicom Media Group which provided insights and stimulating conversations on three key topics in the Malaysian media context, firstly,  social listening , secondly, the pivotal role played by consumers and finally, online TV and real time buying.

Speakers (from left) Guy Hearn, Paddy Crawshaw and Matthew Harty

The conference was attended by over 100 delegates in the media, advertising industry and marketing company.

The participants

The events was casual with a lot of drinks foods served after conference to the participant.