MyCAN: Nuclear plant can prove catastrophic

A coalition of NGOs called the Malaysian Coalition Against Nuclear (MyCAN) has started an online public petition to group more Malaysians together all throughout Malaysia to ask the Malaysian government to seriously reconsider its stand to pursue their plans to develop nuclear energy in the country.

MyCAN’s spokesperson, Dr Ronald McCoy, said, “this public petition demands that the Government of Malaysia applies the ‘Precautionary Principle’ enshrined in the 1992 Rio Declaration, abandon its plans to build nuclear power plants, and instead earnestly implement its energy efficiency and renewable energy programmes, which are safe, economical and sustainable.”

The fact remains that there are currently many activist out there who are trying their best to get the point across to the people that the government’s decision to welcome a nuclear plant in our own country can prove catastrophic.

Yet are the ‘many activist’ enough to make a point heard? Do the Malaysian public truly understand what we are welcoming into our home land when we say “nothing” to the reality of a nuclear plant just in our backyard.

Dr Ronald, who is also the Chairman of the Malaysian Physicians for Social Responsibility, is encouraging Malaysians all over to sign the petition at:

The full petition can be accessed at: for viewing.