MBJB ignores house owner’s cry for help

Naidu  Prakash who has been living at Taman Tampoi Utama for the last 15 years is concerned about an overgrown tree which is cascading over his house. The tree, approximately 35ft is located at the corner of Jalan Sri Perkasa 1/9 along Naidu’s house. In the case of a tempestuous storm, the likelihood of one of the tree branches falling onto the roof if his house is high.

Speaking to Citizen Journalist Malaysia (CJMY), Naidu said that the 3 reports which he made to Majlis Bandaraya Johor Bahru (MBJB) over the span of one year has fallen on deaf ears. He was promised further action but to date no one from MBJB has come forward to assist Naidu with his predicament.

NAidu claimed that 2-months ago when he filed a complaint with MBJB, he was told that someone would contact him to pursue the matter – but to date no one has adresssed his problem.

When questioned why not take matters into his own hand, Naidu claimed that the tree is situated along a general road and therefore belongs to MBJB, therefore he has no right to prune or cop the tree down.

Having 4 people reside in his home including his daughter and wife, he is fearful that a falling branch will cause irreversible damages.

He hopes that MBJB will pay heed to his requests before tragedy strikes.