Widower of six gets Socso benefits

Mohd Johan Hassanushi, 47, a widower of six children will be receiving money from the Socso pension scheme after his wife died early this year while she is still under employment in a supermarket.

The pension benefits will be awarded to the husband since his wife was a contributor of Socso prior to her death and in such a case, she is covered by the Socso insurance and protection scheme.

Batu Pahat district Socso office manager, Jumak Abdullah said, widower Mohd Johan Hassanushi will be receiving a pension of RM786.30 monthly from Socso effective January, 2012 after his wife, Yohani Mohamad Akhiak, 43, passed away.

Yohani was a contributor of Socso for four years before she passed away on Janaury 2, 2012 after succumbing to a severe form of viral infection.

The Socso pension benefits will have to be shared between Mohd Johan and his six children which is RM5.24 a day for Mohd Johan and RM3.50 a day for the children, said Jumak Abdullah.

On top of that, the children can also enjoy the pension benefits if they were to continue their education up to tertiary level or up to the age of twenty-four.

Prior to all this, Socso has also given the family a sum of RM1,800 for the funeral expenses.

Jumak Abdullah urged Socso contributors and employers to contact the Socso office for assistance in the event of any death and or accident that occurs in their workplace.

Picture taken from: hornbillunleashed.files.wordpress.com